How to be successful by being happy in 5 ways.

Most people believe that you need to work harder to find success. When you have found success, then only you would be happy.

Don’t you notice that when you are successful, you always want more? For instance, you wanted the latest and fastest Mercedes. You worked hard on it and finally you were able to buy the car. You were happy for the first six months, and then you feel indifferent towards the car. You wanted a bigger, faster car. Probably now you wanted the latest Bugatti Veyron or something. You see, if you choose this path, happiness doesn’t last very long.

Contrary to believe, you actually need to be happy in order to be successful. You need to enjoy what you are doing. Research shows that if you are happy with what you are doing, you tend to be more energetic, more productive and more successful.

The key thing is to train our brain to think positively. Here are a few tips of changing from negative thinking towards positive thinking. For the next 21 consecutive days, you need to:

1) Write down 3 things you are grateful everyday. For instance, I am happy for the tasty dinner that mum had cooked for me, for having a lovely and understanding wife and for having a cute little baby girl.

2) Jot down our journal one positive / happy things that you have experience for the last 24 hours. For example, I am happy that I can go back early from work today!

3) Exercise!

4) Meditate or find a place of solace for a couple of minutes. Be alone and reflect upon yourself.

5) Do one random act of kindness (ARK) everyday. Any small ARK does matter!

Give yourself a try and see it for yourself. Good luck and all the best!

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If you have 6 months to live, how would it be?

If you have 6 months to live, how would it be?.

If you have 6 months to live, how would it be?

It is indeed an interesting question. 

What would you do? For sure, you would do the things that you wont do in normal circumstances. It’s a useful tool for finding meanings.

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Does your life have a purpose?

Some people do not know what their purpose is. Most people will just try to look busy.

Based on 0 month, 0 year experience as a psychic, I can describe your typical day at the office. Upon arrival at the office, you will turn on your PC. You will check you email inbox. You will be hungry since you will skip breakfast. So you will take some time to eat cereal while chatting with your friends. To keep you looking busy, you will shuffle papers, then you will bring them around the office back and fourth. You will stop at your friend’s desk to look for staplers and you will chat with her for  at least half an hour. You will bring the papers back and fourth again, you will have go for a meeting…bla..bla..bla.and then you will say, “It’s 5 o clock. Time to go home people!”

Congratulations again!

You look like you have a busy schedule at the office! Hurray! But is it meaningful? I bet not. If you take a look at your daily activities, only little bit of your time is spent on the actual work.

Too bad! Looking busy does not means being productive. Do you realize that you are doing meaningless activities? It contributes a very minutae portion to anything useful in this world.

So here’s the tip. Always ask yourself whether the activity you are doing is contributing anything useful for the world. If the answer is YES, then chances are, you are having a meaningful life. If the answer is NO, then quit all the nonsense and unproductive stuff. Focus on the productive activity or things that matter the most to you. Russell Peters says it best, “Hey, do the right thing!”


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Remembering your Creator.

If you ever wonder why you are created in this earth, why you are who you are now, why you act the way you act now and other 10000000000000000000000000000s of whys, seek to find God.

Be close to Him. Find the truth. He will answer your call. You will find you meaning in life. Your heart will know as it is coming from God.



How 5 things can change your world.

Find yourself a place of solace. Be it in your room, your office, your shed, by the beach or anywhere where the distraction is minimal. You want to go to a place where you are in isolation.

Now, take a pen and a piece of paper. Write them down in bullet point style.Write down everything you want to have in this life, and possibly the hereafter life. Something that are important to you. List down everything, be it a goal, a destination, an activity anything. Something positive? Write them down. Something illogical? Write them down.  Something not attainable? Something weird? Write them down. Write them down as long as you can at least for the first 20 minutes. Stop only when you have run out of ideas.

Take a 5 minute break.

Of all the things that you have listed, pick 5 items that matter to your heart. Pick only 5 items.  These 5 things are the things that are most important to you. These 5 items will trigger your heart.

The items that you have chosen will make you cry as they are very dear to your heart. These 5 things will give your sudden burst of energy. You will feel different. Why? These 5 things are the things that are most meaning full to you. These 5 things are the meanings in your life.

Here are mine:

1) I want to spend a lot of quality time with my family

2) I want to freely see and experience the world with my family

3) I want to break a way from 9-5 work culture and work wherever and whenever I want to

4) I want to have excitement in life by offering services to others

5) Be in paradise in the afterlife


If you analyze properly, these are the things that matters most. The rest are either:

1) a subset of these five goals;

2) are not really important to you now;

3) just because you need to write them.

4) distractions

Give them a try. And you will find the meanings in your life. Good luck.



Life. Meaning.

This is what the blog is all about. The life after you have discovered the meanings of your life.

It’s about how your life will change after you have found the meaning towards life.

It’s liberating. It’s exciting. It’s overwhelming.

Once you have discovered it, nothing will be the same again. You will see life from a whole new and better perspective.

It does not matter what you did before, it is what you do and will do afterwards once you have found the meaning.

Life is indeed colorful. Life is indeed beautiful. Life is indeed tremendously exciting.

Here is the journey. Let’s Go!

The journey of meaning